Business leaders push for new campaign to reverse Brexit

Company leaders are privately pushing for any new campaign to reverse Brexit as issues mount concerning the viability of government plans to stop a collapse in exports to Europe.

On Monday, the CBI launched its most sustained attack but on the government’s Brexit approach by calling for full customs union using the EU and single marketplace participation, even though it indicates abandoning the pursuit of separate trade deals with all the rest in the planet.

Behind the scenes, senior figures on the CBI policy council are urging the lobby group to toughen its message still further and spell out their belief that this logic need to ultimately lead to a national rethink of the decision to leave the EU, perhaps by way of a second referendum or an election.

Whilst this is not the CBI’s official position, the group says it has decided to speak out concerning the problems from the government’s approach to Brexit right after “thousands of conversations” and workshops with its members more than the past two to three months.

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