Bahamas Releases Discussion Paper on Crypto-Asset Regulation

The Central Bank from the Bahamas (CBOB) has released attorney at law paper proposing the way it promises to regulate digital assets. Including initial gold coin choices included in efforts to get rid of the alleged threat of tax evasion, fraud and cash washing. However, when regulation eventually comes, chances are that just a condition-issued cryptocurrency is going to be supported.

“The bank seeks to boost the sector’s competitiveness without compromising the integrity or worldwide status from the Bahamas, or undermining the financial safety of Bahamian households,” stated the CBOB inside a statement released November. 7. “These factors are in line with worldwide guidelines.”

CBOB given support towards the worldwide regulatory convention approach, which classifies virtual currencies as ‘crypto-assets’ instead of ‘cryptocurrencies’, “as (this) clearly distinguishes between central bank-issued fiat currency and sector products for example bitcoin or ripple.”

Underneath the suggested framework, the area nation would be to amend the instalments Instrument (Oversight) Rules of 2017 “to ensure comprehensive coverage of both Bahamian dollar and forex denominated crypto payments instruments.”

The financial regulator intends to limit the plethora of digital assets which institutions like commercial banks may transact while banning any direct convertibility between your local fiat unit – or perhaps a a condition-backed crypto-asset – and foreign exchange-denominated cryptocurrencies. Noting the choice is consistent with existing exchange control laws and regulations, CBOB cautioned:

Chances are that just central bank backed digital currencies, or payments instruments fully supported by central bank issued currencies or deposits is going to be qualified for issuance by payment services providers.

In June, Peter Turnquest, The Bahamas deputy pm, revealed his government’s intends to introduce a nationwide cryptocurrency targeted at improving financial inclusion among a lot of the islanders who’ve limited use of banking services. The CBOB’s new discussion paper seems to become get yourself ready for this eventuality, something it’s known as “modernizing the country’s financial services sector.”

The Bahamian apex bank needs to generate measures to cope with issues associated with market volatility, tax evasion and cash washing, consistent with recommendations in the IMF. So far, the country’s cryptocurrency industry is a free-for-all, operating outdoors worldwide best practice, thus which makes it difficult to “manage emerging risks within the fintech arena.”

“The rules also stress the fitness and propriety of people who provide electronic money services, safety and soundness of operations practices – particularly when operations become systemically important,”  mentioned the CBOB within the paper. “Thus, any company contemplating operations in, or from inside The Bahamas would need to demonstrate secure business practices show they have systems in position to determine, monitor, and adequately control market along with other risks.”

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