Make money writing

Did you know? Some website contests offer prizes starting in $10 for participant skills. If you are a good writer or graphic designer, you can submit your works and maybe earn some money.

Do you like writing? Yes? Nice! Do you know websites like iWriter, Fiverr, ODesk and INeedArticles? No? Oh, sorry… You are wasting some good opportunities to make money by doing what you like. But, no problem, we can fix it just now!

You can be a ghostwriter. You could earn $5-$12/article based on word count and topics (some websites pay even $100 per great articles in finance or loan niches). You can offer your writing professional services to millions of website owners online that run internet sites which has topics that happen to be familiar to you. It is recommended that you work for somebody who is in the industry that you will be passionate about. If you love vacationing, work with webmasters with travel sites. In so doing, you will be able to provide extraordinary articles while you enjoy the job.

If you don’t know about what to write, ask a question. Use questions to raise relevant problems to do with your subject matter. In other words, raise questions in visitors’ mind. Maybe they hadn’t thought of them before or not thought about the issue in the same way. This evolves curiosity as to what more it might be possible to find out about it.

I’m sure you know several e-books so… why don’t you write your own e-book? If you are an expert in some field, like gardening, you can write about it and sell through Amazon or eBay store or like a PLR e-book in internet marketing forums (by the way, I’ve seen several of them in Warrior Forum).

And you can dig in affiliate marketing. In general, I stumbled upon that affiliate marketing was the most rewarding and lucrative way to earn money online since I didn’t have to do inventory, waste traffic that was challenging to get, or sell physical products. How great is that?