Should You Make The Decision To Start A Business And Retire Early?

Till about a decade ago, it was believed that ‘Voluntary Retirement’ was something that was applicable only to those who were doing some job with an employer. Retiring early was an option with the service class people only. Entrepreneurs were supposed to be goal oriented workaholic people who had no right to retire from what they were doing. And so, entrepreneurs moved progressively from their valuation dream of $1 million to $10 million and so on. An entrepreneur was not expected to draw a line and say, “This much and no more.” He or she was expected to work as long as he or she possibly could.

Starting a business is not easy, and building one that will bring enormous cash to your pocket is even harder. However, you must do what is in your heart. If you feel that you want to start your own business then you should make that decision. However, I am about to share a story that may help you with that decision.

Here Is A Story About An Entrepreneur Named John:

Well, my school time friend and neighbor John was an exception to the above. John was not from a very rich family. But he was indeed very ambitious and daring. He was a thinker and planner, even in the school days. He had a knack for getting into any and every thing related to mechanics and technology. And yes, he dreamed real big!

John started out as an entrepreneur at the age of 20. He managed to get himself a hefty business loan from the neighboring bank. He soon expanded his export business exponentially. His success graph continued to move northwards at a fast pace. And at 39 years of age, he surprised his family and friends by announcing his decision to retire and leaped full time into his childhood passion of outdoor photography. John had already built a fortune for himself and his family by this time. Retiring early had been in his mind for decades.

John is now close to 65 years. We often have our afternoon coffee together and talk about almost anything under the sun. John is enjoying his life to the fullest. He now spends less money on drinking beer in a bar. But he enjoys just as many sessions of beer at home, just like the good old days. He loves to buy new clothes and also spends lavish amounts of money on his outdoor photography. He had planned his retirement well and never regrets his decision.

John always knew the power of compounding and had made good investments in his early days. They are paying hefty dividends now. John had achieved his financial independence early on his life. He never pays any investment fees. He spends less and enjoys more. A joyous retired life to John!

Should You Make The Decision To Start A Business And Retire Early?

The answer is yes. The reason why is because John was able to enjoy a higher quality lifestyle by starting his own investments. However, to be realistic, you must get educated. You must consult with experts on how to build your own business empire.