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Save money during the holidays by reducing food waste

A lot of will be trimming their Thanksgiving and holiday guest lists this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. But if they do not also trim their grocery store lists, they could be left using a lot of additional meals. Recycling expert Mark Walter of Brown County Resource Recovery joined Great Day Wisconsin to provide ideas on how you can reduce food waste through the holidays.

Walter says wasting food not just fees you funds, but it also requires up landfill space and when it decays it produces environmentally damaging gases.

To minimize the quantity of food waste, Walter gives this tips:

Start having a program. Understand how many individuals you are cooking for and adjust the amount of meals you prepare accordingly. Have containers on hand if you want to share your leftovers or store them for future meals.

Make a grocery list. That way you do not need to have to remember every thing although buying. This prevents you from forgetting one thing that requires a second trip towards the retailer. Make sure to verify the cupboard so you do not purchase a lot more of anything you currently have plenty of at residence.

Get creative with leftovers. Turkey sandwiches are scrumptious but can swiftly get boring. You’ll find a great deal of fantastic recipes on the internet for the best way to make new and tasty dishes making use of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Sharing is caring. If you have located you’ve made too much, one selection is usually to create care packages for your family, close friends or possibly a neighbor. Simply package up portions and safely deliver them. The tasty kindness will be appreciated. Make sure you use containers that could be re-used or recycled.

Time for you to compost. Following you have reached the point when the leftovers have been about too extended, do not just throw them out. As an alternative, take into account composting to make use of for gardening, your flower beds or for household plants. Vegetables and coffee grounds make great compost material. Do not overlook to include eggshells and vegetable peelings from if you prepared the meal.