Playing Average Sucks

Playing average sucks. Do you want to suck for the rest of your life? Playing average kept me in a hotel for 8 years, caused me to go into major debt, lose out on a football scholarship, got dumped by hot girlfriends, lost clients to competitors, and been fired from every job I have had. During this election year politicians are catering to the “Average American” to secure their vote. They are making empty promises to take care of the middle class and help… well the average.

Here is what Average gets you in America:

  • Average Household Income $50,756 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck
  • 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings
  • 65% of those 65 and older have less than $25,000 in their retirement accounts
  • 21% of Americans of all Americans have no savings at all
  • 43% of American households spend more money than they earn
  • The Middle Class Income has dropped
  • 51% of All American workers make less than $30,000 per year
  • Nearly Half of Americans have less than $400 cash

The Average Small Business:

  • 91% of small businesses in America make less than $250,000 per year
  • 76% of small businesses in America break even or lose money
  • 54% of small businesses in America make less than $25,000 per year
  • 80% of entrepreneurs fail in their 1st 18 months

How Does Average Feel?

Would you go to movie that advertised that their cast was just average? How about going to a restaurant that prided itself on okay service and food? Looking at those statistics how do you feel about your situation? Are you struggling right now because you have been just getting by? Have you settled for comfortable instead of financial freedom? How often have you accepted just being good enough?

What has playing average cost you? What clients have you missed out on? What deals did you missed? Did you gain an advantage by not being excellent? How often have you said this is the only time? Only you can answer those questions. Do you like being broke? Do you like just getting by? You know what you have done and you know the cost and the pain. But the good news is that the game of life isn’t over. You can start winning right now.

What Playing Average Gets You

The statistics tell you the story. Numbers and facts don’t lie. How long can you survive on income of $50,000 in places like San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles? Are there are more bills than income so you use debt to survive. Sadly, this is the plight of the middle class. Making too much money to get help but not making enough to live a life of financial freedom.

Playing average get’s you into the middle class where salaries and wages have remained stagnate. Debts and loans are mounting up. More and more Americans are becoming renters. The average person gets hit with overdraft fees, interest charges on credit cards, and ATM charges? How do you lose money on getting your own money?

The average business fails within the 1st year and it’s worst for home based business where people don’t even last 90 days. The average person jumps from business to business. They don’t learn a skill and repeat the process of failure over and over. Furthermore they use their credit cards to start businesses that end up failing.

Being average hurts and it’s demeaning when you are always at a negative. Over time people accept that this is the way things are. They hope and pray for miracles. I ask you to look at the statistics again. Is this a wake up call for your life, personal finances, and business?

Time to Play Big

There have been times when you played big. Do you remember how that felt. When I played big I shook hands with royalty, traveled the world for free, got the best classes in college, was Supervisor of the Month, and was able to partner with people who helped my business. But when I played average, and sadly that was a lot, I became homeless, lost jobs, and lost thousands of dollars investing in bad business deals. I was deeply in debt living with my mom and sister in a one bedroom apartment.

I play big all the time. Why? Because time is going to pass anyway. Why not go big or go home. This is the best time in history to 10x your life. You have every opportunity to succeed. The best part is you can chose to go big in what you want to do. Your talents and strengths can lead you to personal and financial prosperity. Why not take the plunge?

Income Is King

The whole point of this article is to point out what the average gets and to inspire you to earn more. That starts with income. Income is king and it’s the only way to start building wealth. You need “Money” to pay off those debts, bills, and to escape the middle class. After you choose to go big the next thing is to focus on producing income.

You see income is the reason most Americans are struggling. They don’t earn enough to support their lifestyle and they don’t know how to increase what they are making. Focus on income. Then growing that income by increments. You are not going to go from a salary of $4000 per month to $1 million a year over night. It takes time and hard work. But time is going to pass anyway. Use that time focusing on your income.

The Wall

Jump the wall, go through the wall, or go around the wall. The herd is the middle class. Staying with the herd will eventually leave you broke. When you choose to go big and increase your income you are leaving the herd. There are some big walls that will then the herd and separate you from the crowd. Those walls are saving 10% or more of your income. Becoming personally debt free. Starting a business that you are passionate about and can make money.

Think about this, a person with no debt and $10 in their pocket is richer than half of all the people in the United States. Is that freaking terrible or what? That’s right no debt and $10. The stats prove that fact. So welcome walls when they arrive. Stop playing average and make your life better.