Is GigaCoiner a Scam?

If you search online about GigaCoiner (a bitcoin broker offering HYIP – High-Yield Investment Program – with 4% to 7% daily profit), you’ll find only old news and forum threads. Its website closed some years ago (around 2014) and many investors lose money there. It opperated cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but was a Ponzi Scheme.


Website: (it doesn’t exist anymore)
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Some comments found on

stryker0695 said: I’m not sure if this should be under scam warning (which I couldn’t find nor do I know if it’s a scam or not but I would like to know) or securities (have no assessment of the volatility of this proposition.) […] And I haven’t sent any coinage to them but I opened an account for the referral link, just in case anyone who sees this post decides to invest or gamble, I’m not sure which, I can receive a referral payout.
vach said: I’ve invested 0.6 BTC recieved back 0.72 as expected. But will not deposit anymore (definitely a ponzi).
Ibian said: They changed their plans. Instead of giving 4%/day they now give 0.04%/hour or 0.96%/day.
Ibian said: They claim they lost their database, backup “seriously damaged”, next update in 4 hours.
com9 said: i received yesterday 1/3 of my initial deposit , no deposit today, will see tomorrow.