Business Innovation

Why on Earth Do I Need a BI System When I Know What Is Going on in My Company?

You business has been growing over the last few years and you have to admit that you have expanded your IT systems and processes to keep pace. Your staff give you monthly management and business information, surely that is enough?

OK so sometimes the information is not what you want and sometimes it is a little bit out of date – but that is always the case surely? You know that your competitors are also chasing the same customers that you are and some of them are more successful than you are. What can you do though?

Well, yes business is fast now-a-days, especially with social media, review sites and the need to have tip top service. You have a stack of data coming at you from your website, service department, banks, processing, suppliers etc. Getting up to date information from all of these areas is going to be a nightmare, which frankly I don’t have time for. That is not to mention the expense that a new software system will pose. That is even before you get to maintenance costs and the time it takes to get the reports out of the existing databases.

Well here is a secret that many of your competitors know about – BI Software. Many of them, especially from the bigger companies are easy to install, easy to manage and easy on the bank balance. They slot over the top of your existing databases then bury down into your information, grabbing just the information that you are seeking. Many of the BI software companies understand that managers who want this information are busy people, and often not very technically minded. So the front end, the bit that most managers are interested in, are intuitive, easy to configure and very responsive. You can have graphs, pie charts, diagrams and tables.

In competitive and difficult times, and this year is certainly testing, it is vital that business managers have a clear view of their company activities in order to make both strategic and financial decisions. BI software supports you in these endeavours.

Marketing, resourcing and your fulfilment processes have not been forgotten. Connect your BI software to the relevant databases and watch them find the appropriate information for you.

Your BI software package will drill down into the core information about your business. The data it produces and the answers to management and strategic questions it creates, will put your company well ahead of its rivals, especially those that do not know the BI secret.