Why I Decided To Go Public With How Much Money I Earn

Some people have enough courage to share your goals, wishes and progresses with everyone. You can call them crazy ones, but they are inspiration for many people – many of them following their steps and trying to reach same goals. Well, Gemma Hartley, from Forbes.com, talks about it.

In 2016, I decided to get significant about my freelance writing career. The issue was that, immediately after spending the previous four years as a stay-at-home mom, I was afraid I wouldn’t have the ability to hack it as a “real” writer. So I lowballed my earning power, giving myself the modest goal of bringing in $1,000 monthly – as well as that felt untenable.

I didn’t tell any person my program. I do not assume I even wrote it down. But I exceeded my target every single month except 1. And at the finish of my 1st year, I created double the income I believed I would, to the tune of just more than $22,000.

Buoyed by my relative results, I decided to create some seriously lofty revenue targets for 2017. More than that, I went public with them. I wrote them on Facebook, on my individual blog, in freelancing groups on-line, everywhere. I was hoping that going public would support keep me accountable, and that I’d come across neighborhood within a sometimes lonely profession.

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