Why Following The Investment Experts in 2017 Would Have Lost You Money

How do you decide where to invest your cash? For some, it will likely be a case of simply handing the money to their financial adviser to sort out. Others take a method not as well dissimilar to choosing a horse in the Grand National, going for firms that sound familiar or comforting in some way.

Quite a few of us attempt to help keep abreast of what’s taking place by following the guidance of your City professionals, the analysts who pop up to inform us which shares are a very good ‘buy’ prospect, and which you should shift.

The trouble is new analysis has recommended that if you did the opposite of what those analysts recommended this time final year, then you’d really be much better off than if you’d followed their suggestions.

Investment platform looked in the ten FTSE one hundred firms which most generally received a ‘buy’ rating from analysts in January 2017 and identified that these shares really fell in worth across the year.

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