Tezos Trials: Foundation President Posts Update About Future, Deletes It Next Day

Why did Johan Gevers, Tezos Foundation president, delete his post about future plans? And what are consequences? Tezos, which can be at the center of numerous public lawsuits over delays issuing tokens from its $232mln ICO final year, continues to suffer from infighting amongst Gevers’ foundation along with the project’s founders Arthur and Kathleen Breitman. Conflicts among those in command of Tezos sparked a knock-on effect on users and third parties, with Gevers admitting the Foundation lost access to its funds between October and December. Banks had rescinded service to the Foundation “due to controversy,” he stated.

About his gesture, he talked: “…We had been advised against producing public statements till the disputes had been resolved, and that I had hoped for the tensions to be resolved quickly and with out further public exposure. However, I think the community has waited lengthy adequate and deserves typical updates going forward, even though this involves some risks.”

Well, no one knows if that was a good or pathetic decision. Despite the seeming alter of tact, nonetheless, the push for “risky” transparency failed to final, Gevers removing the post shortly right after publishing it Sunday. This, Reuters quotes him as explaining in an update, was completed for “prudential causes.” The update is also no longer visible on Gevers’ Medium account as of press time Tuesday. Twitter user Gareth Moison subsequently published the cached post.

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