So, why shouldn’t I buy Bitcoin?

You’re definitely not the only individual using a major fear of missing out on cryptocurrency. The buzz is actual. The prices of bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin, are skyrocketing. Kodak (KODK) is arranging to launch a “photo-centric cyrptocurrency.” You can now trade bitcoin futures, acquire exchange-traded funds (ETFs) focused on blockchain technologies, as well as invest a self-directed IRA within a range of cryptocurrencies.

(Blockchain, in the event you do not know, is the technology behind bitcoin that records all transactions made with cryptocurrencies.)

In case you purchased $1,000 of bitcoin three years ago, it will be worth about $39,000 currently. That would have been good. “But that’s a scary strategy to believe about your investments,” stated Adam Grealish, senior quantitative researcher at Betterment.

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