I Think Courage Is Acting in Spite of Fear – Anis Qizilbash

Anis Qizilbash employed simple strategies to break the barriers of a common myth that it takes big talking to become a sales expert. In the last eighteen years, she has generated millions in revenue. Anis gradually became a top sales specialist with a different approach. The founder of Mindful Sales is making waves by doing what she feared.

• I can see you have given a lot of support to people through coaching and public speaking. How did you progress to a sales expert as someone that lacked social skills?

There’s a common myth that to excel in sales you have to be a big talker. I realised early on in my career that people like being heard and prefer to talk than listen. So I would ask more questions than I would talk; it doesn’t take much to get people talking. In a way, lacking social skills worked to my advantage.

• What is your advice to female entrepreneurs that lack confidence?

People lack confidence because of the negative chatter playing in our minds like a tape-recorder on a never-ending loop. This mind-chatter repeats things people told us or that we heard around us, wrong or negative things that we have taken as the truth. As soon as you become aware of that chatter and detach from it, you can flood your mind with new empowering conversations. Practising mindfulness helped me break the negative chatter that had been running in my head for over 30 years.

• What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Overcoming my fear of public-speaking. I hosted the opening panel for an audience of 500 people as my first public-speaking outing after a humiliating episode. I was so scared I felt like cancelling the night before. I ended up enjoying it and the conference producers asked me to host the two-day event the following year. Most of all, I felt invincible. Months later, I pursued my passion to help others succeed at doing what they love, so they can live happily and positively affect the lives around them”.

• What is remarkable about Mindful Sales?

I understand what it feels like to lack confidence, to feel inadequate, and to feel like you’re not a natural schmoozer; these issues affect your sales efforts. Having started a few businesses and worked in another startup, I also understand the challenges of those first vital sales to get the business off the ground. And of course my 18 years of experience selling across 20 countries help.

• What are your views on courage, motivation and passion?

I think courage is acting in spite of fear and it’s like a muscle that develops with use. I believe we’re more motivated when we’re doing something for a purpose bigger than ourselves that benefits others. Reminding yourself of your purpose helps you up your game. I believe when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, you stand out, and you infect the people you serve with your passion.

• As someone that passionately believes in entrepreneurship, what would you say to jobseekers with talents?

Ask yourself, what am I obsessively good at? What do you spend lots of time thinking about? What is that thing you would do if money were not an issue? Then figure out who would get value from your obsession, or how you can help people with your obsession. People pay for value, so figuring out how you can make people’s lives better gets you thinking about how to monetise that passion.