Outraged Pro-BTC Community Alleges Bitcoin.com Is Misleading Buyers Into Buying BCH

If you buys bitcoins or bitcoin cash through Bitcoin.com, maybe you know they modified their GUI and many members of community are complaining about it, alleging that it might lead people to buy wrong choice. Read it now:

A Bitcoin (BTC)-supporting community movement has evidently galvanized, alleging that Bitcoin.com is misleading buyers into buying Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead of Bitcoin, with outraged users launching a website bitcoincomlawsuit.info to collect claimants and donations Friday, April 27.

The group has also established a Telegram channel, produced by Twitter user @MoneyTrigz, which has amassed 911 members as of press time. 1 on the supports from the community-led movement posted an explanation from the claim on Twitter right now, April 28:

“@Ragnarly: If you have lost bitcoin due to misleading language, ticker symbols, graphics, or pictures on any Roger Ver website or wallet (like Bitcoin .com) please submit your report to: http://bitcoincomlawsuit.info/ we also have a Telegram group.”

The newly launched site will soon be accepting Bitcoin donations in support of levelling a promised lawsuit against Bitcoin.com, which outraged users claim has not too long ago modified its interface so as to blur the distinction among Bitcoin and Bitcoin Money, a coin that hard-forked in the Bitcoin blockchain in August, 2017 and has since been competing with Bitcoin for brand recognition.

As the aggrieved customers point out, Bitcoin.com, which gives a BTC and BCH-supporting wallet, shows buyers each cryptocurrencies’ logos in the same colour (in contrast to, for example, wallet and exchange service Coinbase), at the same time as unusually referring to Bitcoin as ‘Bitcoin Core’, the name of its software client, rather than the much more widely recognizable ‘Bitcoin’.

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