Who Are You? Are You a Business Opportunity Seeker or an Entrepreneur?

The internet is flush with a range of businesses and get rich schemes and there is a lot people trying to cash in on the internet gold rush. However, there are 2 types of people, there’s the Business Opportunity Seeker and there’s the Entrepreneur. These 2 types have a completely different mindset when it comes to doing business online.

The following shows the distinctive difference between the two:

Business Opportunity Seeker

Don’t really believe in the products or services that they are trying to sell

They give up easily

Everything they try doesn’t work

If they make money, it doesn’t last very long

They go from one business to another

They hope what they are doing is going work

They blame the scheme if it doesn’t make them any money

They have a “I am broke” mentality and “this will make me rich overnight”


Invest their time and money until they see results

They take 100% responsibilities for their success and failures

They work on their business as long as it take to make it work

They believe in the products and services they are selling

They are passionate about their business

They act as business owners

So, who are you? Are you a Business Opportunity Seeker, if so, then you need to make the mental shift to entrepreneur to ensure the success of your business. If you are not genuinely passionate about your business, products and services, then you seriously need to evaluate your situation and position yourself with an organisation that you feel passionate about and is congruent with you

If you wish to become an online entrepreneur, you need to the right training. Training in website development, marketing, lead generation and how to generate an income. Having this type of training will allow you to market anything that you desire.

With the right training, you will know how to market online, you will be position to develop that Entrepreneur mindset. Passion and belief in your product will increase as you will know what you are doing online. Proper training will steer you in the right direction and you will be confident with the actions you take to build your online business.

Just remember, the time you learn how to drive a car, you took lessons, it took time and repetition before you felt like you know what you were doing. The same applies to the online world, you will need lessons, time and repetition.