Top Highest-Paid Executives at Microsoft Globally

Microsoft chairman John Thompson recently defended the salary of CEO Satya Nadella when inquired about the very same during investors'  meet. Thompson stated that Nadella, who made $42.9 million in 2019, was worthy of every cent of it. At this salary, India-born Nadella is the highest-paid executive at Microsoft. Wonder who are the other top-paid executives at Microsoft. check out on to understand the names and designations of the five highest-paid executives at the business as revealed by SEC filing.

And if you wanna know about other well-paid workers, here are some data from, about fiscal year ended in 2018:

  • Amy E. Hood (Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer): $14,924,457
  • Satya Nadella (Chief Executive Officer and Director): $25,843,263
  • Bradford L. Smith (President and Chief Legal Officer): $13,511,623
  • Margaret L. Johnson (Executive Vice President, Business Development): $8,758,015
  • Jean-Philippe Courtois (Executive Vice President, President, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations): $11,126,249