The Daily: BCH Outpaces LTC, Where Next for DEXs?

Saturday’s edition from the Daily builds upon a few of the tales which have been developing all week. The final couple of days happen to be action-packed, using the coming Bitcoin Cash upgrade dominating this news cycle. We’ll check out how BCH continues to be faring like a payment network when compared with Litecoin, as well as sign in on the healthiness of decentralized exchanges within the wake of Etherdelta’s SEC smackdown.

Cryptocurrency analytics site has shared a side-by-side comparison of methods the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) systems happen to be performing since the beginning of the entire year. The chart implies that since April, BCH has outstripped LTC for onchain volume, when expressed in dollar terms. “From May 2018 onwards, Litecoin entered relative disuse while Bitcoin Cash’s usage continued to be robust,” tweeted Coinmetrics.

By This summer, litecoin’s onchain volume had dropped close to $60 million each day, while bitcoin cash was recording over $170 million. The information, that has been adjusted to get rid of the BCH stress test that could have otherwise skewed things, show’s litecoin’s volume to possess plummeted dramatically from October, while BCH’s surged for the $200 million mark, helped by restored interest because of the forthcoming November. 15 fork.

The SEC’s decision to penalize Etherdelta founder Zachary Coburn for selling unregistered securities on his decentralized exchange (DEX) has provided other operators pause for thought. While DEXs, like several cryptocurrency exchanges, happen to be monitoring the regulatory climate carefully for a while, the near-$400,000 fine enforced on Coburn has spurred other DEX teams into action. On November. 8, decentralized token buying and selling protocol 0x released an announcement as a result of the situation, writing.