Malaysian Government, Universities Team to place Levels on the Blockchain

Have you already imagined how to relate blockchains and universities? No, it isn’t about new startup – Malaysian government intends to use blockchain technology to generate, store and validate certificates and diplommas. I’m sure it’s a great idea! Well, let’s read:

Malaysia’s education ministry has created a brand new consortium of universities to harness blockchain tech in tackling the huge industry in fake certificates. The Secretary of state for Education announced on Twitter Thursday, that plus the new consortium of six universities, it’s launched a blockchain-based system known as e-Scroll for that issuance and verification of college levels.

The answer, it stated, was motivated by a boost in installments of fraudulent levels and also the ease that they may be acquired on the internet. Citing a BBC Radio report describing a “staggering” exchange fake degree certificates from the month of january, the MoE stated “buyers are ready to spend almost half millions of pounds on bogus documents,” adding that, “this type of scenario can also be not unusual in Malaysia.”

The ministry stated the thought of a blockchain-based system was initially introduced in the month of january through the Council of ICT Deans, which is likely to improve efficiency, alongside showing certificate provenance. The discharge states that Malaysian universities presently receive “a large number of demands globally” to ensure graduates – a procedure still largely done via telephone and emails, “which lead to the inefficiency.”

Produced by a group in the Worldwide Islamic College (IIUM), the MoE stated the machine stores the certificate data around the NEM blockchain and offers a web-based verification “inside a couple of seconds” whenever a QR code printed around the degree certificate is scanned. For that first phase from the project, PhD students from IIUM graduating on November. 10 may have their degree certificates logged around the system. The ministry stated it’s enouraging other universities to participate the consortium.

“Although, this type of system may also be built using other blockchains, NEM was selected because of its improvements in managing traceability and authentication needs,” it added.

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