Money can actually buy you love, survey finds

According to article published on Fox News, money can buy love. It doesn’t surprise me. I mean, you can’t BUY love, but you can use your money to show someone you CARE about him/her. You aren’t BUYING, but USING it to become that person happier – and it makes much sense. Well, here is it:

Who knew? Funds can purchase love. A minimum of that is what eHarmony reports as wealthy couples stroll hand-in-hand into Valentine’s Day.

The dating site, getting gotten the lowdown about enjoy from 2,000 “everyday Americans” in long-term relationships, determined 64% of them are “happy” with their spousal setup, the Post reports.

But for all those with household incomes higher than $200,000, “happy” gets elevated to “completely in love” 71% of the time.

It does not hurt to be educated, either, as eharmony’s happiness scale shows “post-grads overindex most.”

Throw in three kids – the number of offspring yielding the greatest happiness to their parents, based on the survey – and a content Valentine’s Day is all but assured.

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Interesting details:
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