Marketing and Promotion for Bitcoin

Marketing and Promotion for Bitcoin

Innovative businesses accepting new payment ways can lead to successful Bitcoin Marketing models. In last years, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies appeared and marked their territories, helping many businesses to grow too. Many companies benefit themselves with (almost) non-existent fees and (almost) inability to roll back transactions.

Here are some of the businesses that have had great success with accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

Bees Brothers

Bees Brothers was a business set up by three brothers that were learning about bees through farming honey. Over time, they ended up with more honey than they knew what to do with, and started to sell it locally. This eventually led to accepting Bitcoin for online purchases, being that it has no fees and is a very safe method for accepting payments (with no charge-backs), and their business exploded from there.

It is really safe to say that Bitcoin is what made their business as successful as it is today, and they, in turn, helped strengthen Bitcoin by accepting it. Both sides won and grow.


This big booking travel website started to accept Bitcoin as payment method too. They tout over 290,000 bookable properties. As of yet, airline tickets and car rentals are not able to be paid via Bitcoin, but they have stated that they are working on it.

Expedia didn’t publish how much Bitcoin acceptance impacted its revenue, but they affirm they traced some estimates before. And, according to company, by accepting Bitcoin brought results better than they expected.


Now let’s talk about one of big IT company, known by everyone. Their acceptance of Bitcoin was a sign that it was going to make it mainstream, or at least gain more attention from those that otherwise are uncomfortable with the idea of cryptocurrencies.

Taking into consideration that company has as audience computer experts and people with good knowledge on cryptomarkets, that decision brought some good impact. In other words, it’s hard to go wrong with accepting Bitcoin as a technology company.

At this moment, there is almost no information about impact to accept cryptos like payment – and Dell didn’t say if its revenue increased or not like a consequence. But, even if they aren’t getting more sales due to it, each sale with Bitcoin like payment means less money lost in each transaction.

Why Bitcoin is Useful for Businesses

If you still have some doubt about accepting crypto currencies as payment method, maybe you didn’t understand the main motto. They offer reliable payments (that can’t be reversed or be found to be fraudulent), low fees (the acceptor pays absolutely nothing on their end) and quick transfers (there is no waiting for days or weeks to get the funds in).

So, it can increase productivity, profitability and security of any business. And those businesses don’t need wait for a long time to see “the color of money” they earned.

As more and more businesses jump on board with Bitcoin, it will help push others to get in on it as well. This benefits the entire community, by increasing the number of suppliers and consumers that are utilizing the currency, which in turn gives more uses and helps create more liquidity.

For a lot of businesses, the effects of Bitcoin acceptance still have not been seen. As the economy around it grows, however, this will change and great things will happen.