Building a Marketing Online Plan

When’s the last time you sent a greeting card? An actual paper greeting card. One you wrote a message on, addressed, and mailed with a stamp. In this age of technology, we can get so caught up in texting, tweeting, friending, following, and IMing that we lose the impact of more personal connections. Do you feel the same when you find a greeting card in your mailbox as you do when somebdy posts a greeting on your Facebook wall? It’s just not the same, is it?

Well, communication evolves and marketing too. So, if you are focusing on some marketing online strategy for your business, I believe we can have some tips here.

First step: kno you don’t have to be an expert to start marketing online. There is so much information out there, that you can easily become an expert on any number of topics within a few short months. If you are still uncomfortable with writing, you can always use a ghostwriter to create content for you.

BUT you need to have proper equipment, don’t you agree? To make money online, you need to buy yourself a computer which you will use to do business. Having a personal computer, preferably a laptop is very important if you are to succeed in your online business. It’s safer and more convenient to do your business on your personal computer than going to internet cafes. You will make money faster, safer and conveniently.

Let’s talk about next tip: Tell your story. Can you imagine your small business becoming at least a little bit more profitable when storytelling’s going on? Storytelling plus gathering of contact information of your future buyers. Imagine when that starts slowly trickling in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Seriously! Close your eyes a moment until you can imagine.

When writing your stories, you need think about some questions: Am I writing right story for right audience? Have I explained my services or products and their benefits? Is there further information or education I can offer my customer? Have I really listened to them so I can best meet their needs or solve their problems?

And third tip: Stick with your niche. Targeting a random audience should not be done. For starters, it would be best for you to start with your own niche. Make sure that what you have to offer has a relatively similar audience, since it is more effective.

A final (tech) tip: If you need a good printer, HL 4570CDW is a high performance machine. It is perfect for something as small as a money online all the way up to workgroups and small businesses. This color laser printer has wireless networking and duplexing which will be able to print business documents quickly.