Blogging gold mine

Everyone dreams to find a way to make money sleeping. If you are looking for, blogging isn’t your way. But, if you like to write about some content and look for some extra income from it, so you can get it with blogs. Having some blogs in your income portfolio can help you to diversify it. So, I’ll show you some blogging tips.

Adopt free tools! If you don’t have a good budget, you can start it with zero cash. There are several free and good tools for blogs and you won’t need pay for other thing except domain and hosting. WordPress is so far the best choice, here.

Your monetization strategy matters – and so much. Every “money channel” can bring good results if you choose good niches for each one. I’ve worked with advertising systems like AdSense and HotWords and tested several others. You should do same thing – test and find out which works better.

Product-oriented content sells. So, when you are starting your blog, think about it and write some posts reviewing some softwares, tools or services. Your readers will love it – and your pocket, too. It can’t be simple in your first or second post, but later you’ll enjoy yourself writing comments about tools and other products.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t an option, it’s mandatory! So you need write your content thinking how search engines will read it. Use a short but attractive title containing your keywords, write at least 600 words (better if more than 900 words), break it in sections and answer all reader doubts. You need worry about getting good backlinks too, from websites in your niche.

Welcome to blogging business. You can start a blog in some minutes, but it’ll take some years learning to become a real expert. But don’t fear about it: do your better and you’ll reach what you want.