Watch Facebook’s Libra Videos: An Internal Consider the Calibra Wallet

And Facebook continues its adventure with cryptocoins. According to, FB just released some videos and other instructional content aiming to teach new users (maybe its social media users?) about cryptocurrencies and its coin Libra. Again, let’s read a little more and think about it:

First of all, we have seen a brief demo from the Calibra application running on iOS. The application looks much like other apps like PayPal and Venmo and Facebook may also embed its services into WhatsApp and Messenger. Probably the most interesting factor? You will not require a Facebook account to make use of Libra.

Next we’ve the Libra Ecosystem including a simple description of blockchain technology. It’s certainly a good primer on which is really an intricate and hard problem.

Still too complex? This very fundamental “Blockchain 101” publish describes how Libra – along with other blockchain-based – cryptocurrencies work.

Finally, there exists a brief video concerning the Libra Association, a non-profit which will manage the money connected using the project. Consider the Association as several non-profits who’ll aim their do-gooding at various global problems. In a nutshell, Facebook is wishing this project not just earns money but helps the unbanked.

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