UBC Adds Blockchain Program for Master’s and PhD Students

According to CoinDesk.com, a Canadian university will initiate a Master’s Program in Blockchain – it can be really great, by helping to leverage research and blockchain techonologies and, consequently, improving the future of cryptocoins. Well, enough is enough, let’s read and understand a little more: 

Certainly one of Canada’s leading research universities, the UBC, is launching a blockchain tech training path for graduated pupils.

Based on the UBC, this program is really a first in Canada. The track will concentrate on four areas: overall health, clean energy, regulatory technology and issues for Indigenous residents, and will formally launch next The month of january. 

“The initiative allows students to build up the abilities around emerging technologies which are very popular in addition to drive economic growth as graduates meet the increasing demand in the market,” stated Victoria Lemieux, UBC iSchool affiliate professor and founding father of Blockchain@UBC, inside a statement.

UBC aims to coach 139 students over six years, and make out services for existing master’s and PhD students in educationally adjacent areas. Interested students don’t need to arrived at this program with blockchain experience.

The initiative is based on 15 industry partners from an array of sectors, including Boehringer Ingelheim, a pharmaceutical company with internet sales close to 17.5 billion euros in 2018.

Mitacs, a not-for-profit that actually works with federal and municipal governments to aid industrial innovation, may also provide $1.324 million over six years. Furthermore, the company will fund 18 master’s and eight PhD internships within the field, representing a possible worth of over $2.44 million for 156 internships and publish-doctorate training projects during the period of their bond.

Furthermore, Blockchain@UBC receives support through UBC’s Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters program. Its research papers and projects bring academics and industry partners together to understand more about issues in emerging blockchain technologies. Past educational initiatives have spanned undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels. 

UBC’s newest initiative is going to be trained by UBC faculty from diverse disciplines, including natural science, FinTech, engineering and information technology, and knowledge governance, in addition to non-STEM fields.

“Complex, wicked problems need a collision of perspectives,” Victoria Lemieux told CoinDesk, talking about the difficulties in blockchain education.

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