A Protocol for Issuing Tokens Launches on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Many bitcoiners thought it might be a chilly day in hell when BHB Network co-founder Giacomo Zucco accepted that tokens aren’t inherently scams.

But, actually, all he needed were the best partners. What began like a client’s request a far more secure option to ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens will quickly emerge because the first unique protocol for issuing tokens via bitcoin’s lightning network.

A much better token-minting protocol, Zucco stated, might be a game-changer for entrepreneurs.

“If ethereum will die eventually, only then do we have high hopes that this is sustainable lengthy term,” the well known ethereum critic told CoinDesk.

This open-source token project, known as Spectrum, includes contributions from investors at Fulgur Ventures and Poseidon Group, startups for example Bitrefill and Chainside, in addition to support from crypto exchange giant Bitfinex. The aim would be to alter the perception that bitcoin is simply too slow moving for experimentation.

Indeed, Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino stated in an announcement he wishes to issue a Spectrum-compatible form of the tether stablecoin through the finish of the season.

“Bitfinex continues supporting Lightning projects featuring within our platforms,” Ardoino added.

Spectrum, which utilizes the RGB colored gold coin standards moored to bitcoin, enables individuals to issue tokens several layers above bitcoin’s first layer. This could complement, instead of contend with, sidechain tools like Blockstream’s Liquid, in addition to efforts to allow mix-currency swaps using the lighting network.

The essential difference here’s that ethereum-based tokens bake complex logic, for example automated token distribution associated with exterior factors, directly into the assets themselves via chunks of code known as smart contracts.

Gregory Rocco, a staffer at ethereum venture studio ConsenSys, told CoinDesk that colored coins never really required off because, when compared with ethereum’s built-in support for complex functions, the previous needed exterior coordination for that tokens to “represent something” beyond simple units.

However, a Spectrum-compatible RGB token could be more as an worldwide socket ripper tools connecting the token towards the bitcoin blockchain through the lightning network, as well as externally to software that automates functions much like smart contracts. There’s still some abstraction, however, many bitcoin advocates have the security trade-offs count it.

“If for you to do something with tokens, we believe Layer 3 is the best place to place it,” Zucco stated of his Spectrum solution. “With lightning you can now compete, fast, creative, reckless.”

Federico Tenga, co-founding father of the startup Chainside, told CoinDesk his talking to clients have previously requested for bitcoin wallets that support such units to be used cases for example equity tokenization.

“Theoretically you could do this anything you could do this on ethereum,” Tenga stated. “Some people could use RGB on Liquid, ideally, when the standard is adopted, it might be helpful across different protocols, possibly even centralized databases. For atomic swaps, such things as that.”

Playing catch-up

By expanding around the earlier work made by Blockstream developer Alekos Filini, Spectrum contributors are searching to supply a do-it-yourself bitcoin toolkit to allow the network effects that propelled ethereum’s recognition.

In the end, the main reason DIY ERC-20 tokens grew to become very popular is the fact that all ethereum-based platforms and wallets were suitable for them. That managed to get simple for startups and hobby projects to distribute all of them with some degree of liquidity. Along individuals lines, Spectrum will give you the very first bitcoin-centric standard for tokens that may make use of the lightning network for near-instant transactions.

Bitfinex would be the first to advertise this protocol, via its new tether variant.

Bitrefill CCO John Carvalho stated he believes the following snowball effect could turn the bitcoin ecosystem right into a “playground where individuals are likely to start doing things like attempting to do on ethereum.”

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