Bitcoin whales sales are responsible for downtrend movement.

Bitcoin Price Drop to $8.9K Caused by Whales Selling at Major Exchanges

According to text published on by Joseph Young, Bitcoin whales sales are responsible for a big downtrend movement in cryptocurrency in last week. Check it now:

Selling by Bitcoin whales dropped BTC reserves at significant exchanges and triggered today’s sell-off to $8,900.

As the weekly open commenced Bitcoin cost dropped under $9,000 within a rapid pullback, liquidating $30 million in longs on BitMEX alone. In line with marketplace data, a part of the sell off was the movement of crypto whales closing positions which led to panic selling among retail investors.

Whales-individual investors that hold an immense amount of Bitcoin-have the capability to substantially effect the cost of BTC and according to on-chain data provider CryptoQuant, the recent promoting is indicative of the begin of a bear trend inside the industry.

Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, said:

“The BTC reserve at Gemini hit a year-high a few days ago, then it started to decrease. This could be a local buying opportunity within the short-term, but in the macro-view, the reserve trend appears to go downward.”

The final time BTC reserves fell abruptly at a pivotal value point was in February 2020 when Bitcoin hit $10,500. In the subsequent six weeks that followed the cost dropped to as low as $3,600.

Why are whales selling?

You’ll find three motives whales feel the want to take profit at the existing cost level. 1 is the fact that Bitcoin price rejected violently at $10,500 violently twice inside the last 11 months. The other folks are that the mining difficulty of mining is anticipated to see its most significant increase considering that January 2018 and spot trading volume is declining.

For whales that hold large amounts of Bitcoin, liquidity is key. If you’ll find not sufficient buyers in the market place and a single massive whale starts to sell, it may trigger a cascade of sell order and liquidations.

When the volume from the spot industry stagnates and futures market activity increases, for whales, it triggers concerns of a fast correction within the near-term.

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