Bitcoin’s Wikipedia Page Has “Misleading” Block Explorer Removed, Heated Debate Ensues

If you follow up the “Bitcoin x Bitcoin cash” war, you won’t be surprised to know that fight can be extended for communication media like Wikipedia. Yeah, some info from Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page was removed and it’s causing some debate there. Follow us!

It’s evident the ongoing spat amongst Bitcoin and Bitcoin Money supporters is escalating. Whilst Bitcoin Cash can be a effective altcoin, it cannot be officially labeled as the actual Bitcoin. Political differences aside, Bitcoin is still Bitcoin, whereas Bitcoin Cash is really a forked currency off of that project. That doesn’t make BCH less reputable by any means, but calling it the “original Bitcoin” has always been controversial.

There’s one more improvement taking spot as far as this discussion is concerned. Recent activity on Bitcoin’s Wikipedia web page indicates an attempt to remove one particular on the block explorers linked to around the web page. Which is constantly a controversial decision, despite the fact that it appears to produce a good deal of sense. Mentioned block explorer is connected with Bitcoin Money, and not Bitcoin itself. This is a direct outcome in the “Bitcoin Cash would be the actual Bitcoin” mindset, however it also creates a good deal of confusion.

As such, removing this certain block explorer makes a lot of sense. Since it will not track BTC blocks, it shouldn’t be on Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page. Rather, that block explorer must be around the Bitcoin Money page. However, it is nonetheless a somewhat controversial decision to eliminate such data. Right after all, there will usually be people who take into account this to be much more censorship on behalf of Bitcoin Core supporters.

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