$1 Million Bitcoin Scavenger Hunt Attracts 60,000 Digital Sleuths (And New Investors)

Absolutely nothing brings bitcoiners collectively like a quest peppered with cryptographic clues.

On Saturday, at the Magical Crypto Conference in New York, Melzter along with the group revealed however yet another clue: A series of cryptic pictures and also other hints hidden on organization cards distributed in the occasion.

And, as revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, a group of veteran crypto investors have pledged an undisclosed amount to fund future games and campaigns. These sponsors incorporate Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan, Mark Pincus, Andrew Lee, IDEO CoLabs Ventures, Nic Carter, Matt Walsh, Meltem Demirors, Li Xiaolai, Jehan Chu and Sam Engelbardt.

Meanwhile, many have formed on-line teams to collect the 400 key fragments essential to move the prize from the game’s bitcoin wallet, Meltzer mentioned. Yet even the dynamics of these teams highlight how bitcoiners are distinctive compared to other on the internet gaming communities. For example, application engineer John Cantrell cracked the code for a single in the first key fragments then promptly detailed on each Twitter and GitHub how he managed to perform it.

“For me, it’s truly all about education,” Cantrell told CoinDesk.

Since then, Cantrell also joined a number of teams and produced a free tool named Ordo to help teams organize clues and relatively credit contributions to the hunt, which will come in handy for any winning team seeking to divvy up the loot.

Cantrell said so far the largest team using Ordo seems to have 600 members.

With countless players flocking to Satoshi’s Treasure, Cantrell is not the only one generating tools and services for other players.

The 18-person ToshiCiphers clan, by way of example, has launched a merchandise retailer for teams looking to produce shirts and other swag. ToshiCiphers clan member Devon Kramer told CoinDesk they’ve had four orders for custom shirts so far.

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